My character in Rangoon is not based on any living or dead person : Kangana Ranaut

The role of Kangana Ranaut in the film Rangoon is being told that it is inspired from fearless Nadia and for that one lawsuit also got filed. But now Kangana Ranaut has said that her character in the film is not based on any real person. For taking Kangana's character Miss Julia, Movietone Pvt. Ltd. has filed a case against director Vishal Bhardwaj for violation of copyright acts. They have said that Miss Julia's character is inspired from Austrailian stunt actress Merry Ivans. Ivans used to be call as fearless Nadia. Kangana talking about it said I have got to know about some legal hurdle, first of all, we don't want to comment on that matter which already is under consideration of court but we can assure that this character does not resemble any living or dead person. Kangana further added Rangoon is a totally fictional story and its characters also are completely fictional. The film Rangoon set in the backdrop of second world war is a love triangle in which Shahid Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are playing leading roles with Kangana Ranaut. The film is going to release on 24th February 2017. Vishal Bhardwaj directed this film is also a combination of three very good actors like Shahid, Saif, and Kangana. Saif had given life remembering a character in his career Langda Tyagi in the film Omkara. On the other hand, Shahid has given Haider and Kaminey with Vishal. Kangana is first time collaborating with him.