Bajrangi Bhaijaan Bollywood Movie Review 2015.

From many last years Salman Khan earn thick charge by their fans once again come on the occasion of Eid. It seems Salman has now well understood that what their fans want from them, Only a few years ago when 'London Dreams, 'Veer' and 'Main Aur Mrs Khanna' was a failure at box office so Sallu Mian took lessons that they began to shunning with such a story and characters . Prabhudeva's directorial Wanted told Salman how his fans look like to see them. Dabangg 2, Bodyguard, Ready, Ek Tha Tiger and kick making him a brand that can be considered a record success at the box office by a guarantee of success. Salman Khan's today release 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' can be put in the same category. bajrangi-bhaijaan_640   Pakistan Saida (Hrshali Malhotra), who lives in a small village is dumb from birth. She could not speak, but understands everything. The people of the village told to Saida Abba-Ammi that if she went to Delhi at the shrine of Baba Nijamuddin Auliya then his language might return. Saida's father, were in Pakistan Army, so they can not get a visa to come to India. The mother of Syeda has left for Delhi by Samjhota express. After returning from shrine Syeda mother comming back. Late at night on the way to a place train spot for a few moments and during train stops Syeda is down and the train has to start run. Syeda's mother wants to go back to India to find his daughter, but the matter is of the borders of the two countries would not be so asleep. On the other hand Syeda reaches Kurukshetra by goods train, where huge procession is coming out on Hnmuan anniversary. This is the first Syeda alias meet with Bajrangi (Salman Khan) . Pavan Chartuvedi is a firm devotee of Bajrang Bali. Bajrangi living in Delhi with his father's friend Tripathi ji(Sharat Saxena) . When Bajrangi informed that the baby is dumb, so he took her to the local police station, but the police advised him to take the baby return to his home. Tripathi ji's daughter Rasikaa (Kareena Kapoor Khan) is school teacher in Delhi and is in love with Bajrangi. Bajrangi came to Delhi about stating the child, he says Rasikaa and his family that it is Hindu. Delhi came Bajrangi takes off its mission of delivering him to his house. The story took place in a turn when Bajrangi and Rasikaa discovers that child is Pakistani. Because of denied visa Bdecides to extend the baby without Pasrpot visa to Pakistan. After crossing the border from Pakistan Bajrangi somehow gets caught here. A local TV channel investigative journalist Chand Nawaz (Nwajuddin Siddiqui) help, Bajrangi hide from Pakistani police and takes its mission to reach the baby to her home. Acting : Salman are great in play of Bajrangi . Arguably, this time a challenging character plays by Salman actor different from its image, and it invigorated by their live performances. Kareena Kapoor to play Rasikaa not get anything special. Reporter Nwajudin role a terrific performance in the film. Om Puri plays small audiences. Must appreciate Hrshita Malhotra, who was part of the strong performances of the dumb girl and kept it alive. Direction : The story is somewhat sluggish before the pace of interval, especially flashback scenes were unnecessarily long. Salman's entry is remarkable, after interval Kabir Khan's story and characters seem to have the grip. Kabir shoots film on the better location and not be weaker the pace of the story. Yes, according to box office, he also filmed several scenes that Salman Eid gift for fans.