Sofia Hayat shared sizzling photos on Instagram

Sofia Hayat who was seen in Bigg Boss, what has happened to her, don't know. First, she tells everybody that she has become Nun and again she has become that Bold Sofia. She is posting such photos on social media. Seeing this nobody can say that she is a nun. Sometimes seen in Nun dress, she has shared a photo in Bra and has shocked everyone and now she has shared a bold photo while doing Yoga and when Item Girl Rakhi Sawant raised her question, then she said that I wear more cloths than Baba Ramdev. Seeing Sofia's bold photo Rakhi Sawant said, 'Are you still a Nun? On such questions, she shared a big post on Instagram and has also shared one bold photo while during Yoga, in which her cleavage is clearly visible. Sofia Hayat wrote, 'Who all are criticizing seeing my body, let me tell you that I wear more cloths than Baba Ramdev. Our god is always beautiful, every woman are creative. They should wash their brains, who are criticizing seeing anything in the photo. Women are goddess.' Sofia further wrote that Women is completely Holy. When her period starts on own then it is known as holy, her blood is holy, It is a symbol of fertility. Women hide their blood circulation ad it is known as dirty. Ask yourself why? It happens because of Negativity and conservative mind'. Let me tell you, Sofia was a model and was seen in the 7th season of Bigg Boss, where she alleged Armaan Kohli for teasing her. You may also know : Why will Sofia never make physical relationship Bollywood Movies 2017