Aamir Khan's film 'Dangal' is released in 4300 screens

Finally today film 'Dangal' has been released, it is released in the whole country. This film of Aamir Khan was in new from before only. People who have seen this film are appreciating it a lot. Be it be it's making the video or the songs in the film, it has won many hearts. The audience is barely waiting for this film to release and Halls are houseful from starting. This film made with the budget of 75 crores and it is releasing in 4300 screens and it is released more than 100 screens in abroad. This film is releasing in USA and Canada in 1000 screens. This film in USA and Canada was released on Wednesday. According to Film critics Taran Adarsh this film has collected 1.9 crores in the USA and in Canada this film has collected 29 Lacs. So by this, the film has collected 2.21 crores at the box office. Dangal will be the last film in this theater This film is based on the life of Wrestler Geeta and this is said as Aamir Khan one of the best films. Aamir Khan has booked the whole theater for the village of Geeta and Mahavir Singh Phogat. Theater Sun City is booked for the people of the village. More than 250 people can see a film at a time. Thi show will be shown around 5 pm. It is said that Mahavir Singh Phogat his wife and his daughter will go and meet the village people. Dangal Box office prediction Before the film release, Salman Khan tweets about this film in the night. He tweets, 'My family saw the film 'Dangal'. They thought that it is better than Sultan. Aamir personally I love you but professionally I hate you.' You may also like :- Aamir Khan upcoming movies list Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club