Aamir Khan and Nitesh Tiwari reunited once again after Dangal

After the stupendous success of Dangal, actor-director pair of Aamir Khan and Nitesh Tiwari is once again ready to enthrall the audience. Don’t get too excited folks, this amazing duo has reunited for a short film that explores the woman equality issues in the society. According to PTI, the new short film is a part of Star Plus Nayi Soch campaign. The short film will be focusing on a very import issue, which woman equality in our society. Aamir is playing the role of a middle-class father from a small town, who owns a small business. Aamir’s Character is very confident that his two daughters will take his business to another level. The short video featuring Aamir Khan tackles a very serious yet ignored issue, which is very common but we tend to ignore it always. We can see this situation around us daily, but we never do anything or try to stop these stuff. But, Aamir Khan has tackled the issue very efficiently and we hope it changes the situation in our society. Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist of the Hindi Cinema, he has done lots of experiment throughout his career He does everything for his role, as he was very convincing as a 20-year old student in 3 Idiots or an alien in PK The latest outing in Dangal is an exceptional example of why we call him Mr. Perfectionist. The actor put on lots of weight for playing the role of old Mahavira Singh Phogat and then got the much chiseled body for playing the early age Mahavira Singh Phogat. Aamir Khan’s transformation was one of the most talked about news in the media. Now, the actor put on Turban for playing the middle-class father in short film. There has been lots of news that suggest that the turban look was for his upcoming film Thugs of Hindustan, but it comes out as the look of his recent outing in the short film. The actor has taken his perfectionist nature to the short film also.