What did Sonakshi said on meat ban that created controversy

Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha is quite active on social networking site. She always gives her views on any news. These days people opposing her are getting on her. Recently Sonakshi has posted a tweet that why there is no ban on illiteracy and irresponsibility? In terms of ban she called India "Ban-istan". Sonakshi on her twitter wrote that why there is no ban on illiteracy. What happened to the people in Assam?There should be a clear understanding on the priority. In another tweet she wrote this is a country that supports freedom. Welcome to Ban-istan, means stupid. These tweets are being considered in regard to the meat ban in Maharashtra. People are opposing their tweet and commenting on her. She in that tweet pointing to recent Health minister Harsh Vardhan wrote that protect animals and stop the misuse of their skins. It has been decided by the part of a Jain festival of fasting. Last year this ban was for 4 days but now it has been on 8 days. During this ban no meat will be sold. Shiv Sena said that this ban of BJP for 8 days is wrong. Let us tell you that BJP has already done beef ban in the country.