Vivek Oberoi to open a resort worth 400 crore

Actor turned businessman Vivek Oberoi will do an investment worth 400 crore in the tourism of Gujarat. In this regard, he has signed an MoU with the government of Gujarat at the time of Narendra Modi's presence in the government. Now there has been an increment of 200 crore in this. Vivek within one year will start facilities like clubbing in Gujarat. He by working there will try to accelerate the tourism sector of the state. He will make a resort with the theme of Goa. He in this regard met the CM Anandiben Patel and other ministers of the state. Vivek said that he will bring this dream of his into reality in the Dholka near Ahmadabad. The project will start in over 100 acres of land. While talking to the administration of Gujarat he said that he will even start a Beti project there, in which the homeless girls will be taken care of. Vivek was recently shooting for his movie in Rajkot area of the state.