Vidya revealed that she shares some fake stories with her husband

There is always something between Husband and wife, which they don't share to anybody, but Vidya who is busy in promotion of 'Kahaani 2', she is sharing some fabricated and spicy stories with her husband Sidharth Roy Kapur, but there are some stories, which she shares with hr hubby then issues can be created. Arjun Rampal is disappointed with the performance of Rock On 2 Well in real life, does Vidya tell her some fake stories? On this, she laughs and says that which wife doesn't tell her husband some wrong stories. Vidya accepts this bluntly and she has also told many fake stories to her husband. But Vidya doesn't want to reveal that when she has told Sidharth her fake stories. Vidya said, 'There is no one, who must not have made fake stories because of some or the other reason. We all make stories. Some people pour spices in simple things also and truly saying, even I make stories sometimes. I have narrated many spicy stories to Sidharth and will keep narrating him.' Have you ever told Sidharth that you have told him fake stories, on this Vidya says, 'If I told him then I'll be in trouble, so will not reveal them.' Vidya seemed very happy with this that once again her film's trailer is been appreciated. Vidya rules many hearts with her acting her fans badly wait for her films. Is 2nd December lucky for Kahaani 2 Vidya Balan next will be seen in film 'Kahaani 2'. Arjun Rampal will also be seen in this film. Kahaani 2 is directed by Sujoy Ghosh. You may also like :- Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club