Tusshar shared a pic of Jitendra and his son Laksshay

Actor Tusshar Kapoor's father Jitendra has shared his one lovely pic, in which he is seen holding his son Laksshya. In this Grandfather and Grand son are looking at each other and very a good bonding is seen between them. Whole Kapoor family is very happy after this new guest entered in their life. With this photo, Tusshar wrote, 'What are you looking at? strike a pose, there's nothing to it!!!' ....Baap numberi beta dus numbri! Love, family,'. Let me tell you Tusshar Kapoor is single and became a father with the surrogacy in June. Tusshar's son was born in Jaslok Hospital of Mumbai under the supervision of Dr. Firuja Parikh. She told this decision of Tusshar as bold even after being a celebrity. Tusshar's parents Jitendra and Sobha are very happy. This is their first grandson. Tusshar son Lakkshya Ekta Kapoor's gift for Tusshar Kapoor's son Both were happy with this decision of Tusshar. After the birth of Tusshar's son, he said that Tusshar is a very brilliant son and he proved this also. They even assured that Tusshar will be a good father. Let me tell you before this Shahrukh and Aamir Khan have also become a father through Surrogacy and IVF technology, but both took this decision after the marriage. Tusshar is the first celebrity to be a father through surrogacy without getting married. Tusshar Kapoor's son photo with Jitendra Tusshar was last seen in the film 'Mastizaade'. Vir Das was also seen in this film and Sunny Leone was seen in a double role. You may also like :- Upcoming movies List Box office collection