Trailer of Jimmy Shergill starrer film 'Shorgul' got released

Film based on the politics of Uttar Pradesh 'Shorgul' trailer has been released. Jimmy Shergill, Ashutosh Rana, Hiten Tezwani, Ejaz Khan, Narendra Jha and Sanjay Suri are in the film. Story of the film bringing in elements of religious clashes, political rivalry and power games amid high-profile characters. Trailer of the film is amazing. Characters are well cast, because everyone is looking good. Jimmy, who plays the role of a BJP politician (Sangeet Som), Sanjay (UP Chief Ministerm Akhilesh Yadav) and Narendra Jha character is inspired by State minister Azam Khan. [embed][/embed] Lots of Shorgul will be seen in the film, see the trailer , you will get to know better. Film is directed by Jitendra Tiwari and Prashant V.Singh. This film is releasing on 24th June.