I take sex very seriously : Ram Gopal Varma

Ram Gopal Verma these days is in news for his film 'Sarkar 3'. Recently, Ram Gopal Varma introduced all the cast members of the film. Some say that Amitabh Bachchan's character is inspired from Bal Thackeray, but there is nothing like that. This is the third part of Sarkar Franchise, which will be releasd next year. This is the big thing for any franchise to make back to back sequels. Knowing this is also important that first film 'Sarkar' would not have been made if there would be no 'Sex'. Relation of Sex and Sarkar is told by Ramu in his book 'Guns and Thighs'. Ram Gopal Varma wrote, 'I used to study in senior intern, when my friend gave me a book called 'Godfather' and said that there is a sex scene on the page of 26, Enjoy it. I went ot my house and read that scene. When I closed that book then I wrote a word mafia. I never read this word before. I had nothing to do that time, then I started reading the book. I was affected by the style of writing, it's character and Drama. I was so much immpressed that I read that book 3-4 times continuosly. Whenever I used to finsih it, I would again like to read it, because every time, I was getting something new. It even strick in my mind to make a movie on this film that time.' Ramu also accepted that he films many of this film scenes by getting from Godfather. From Shiva to Satya, he made shots like Godfather. You may also know : Cast of Sarkar 3 Upcoming movies List