Sunny Leone And Daniel Weber Adopt A Baby Girl Nisha

Adopting kids was a trend of Hollywood but now the trend has seemed to have picked up by our Bollywood stars too. Today the news has come that Actress Sunny Leone and her husband Daniel Weber have adopted a baby girl from Latur. The news was revealed by a leading daily, and it also said that the couple is overjoyed with their decision of adopting a baby. A few days back, Sunny Leone shared with the reporters at the launch of a TV reality show that it is not a right time for her to consider having a baby as she has a lot of things happening in her life and then she said that “But you never know may be some day I just walk in with a baby in hand. Leaving people shocked and wondering that where did the baby come from!” Sunny stood really true to her words and did exactly the same. It seems Sunny was willing to start a family but her work commitments and shooting schedules were coming in her way and that is the reason instead of going for a Biological child the couple went on to adopt a child. The couple has named the baby girl Nisha Kaur Weber.
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