Shilpa Shetty's all controversies

Shilpa Shetty has achieved many things in Bollywood. She is not seen in the films from long, still she remains in limelight. Actually, Shilpa know, how to be in news. She sometimes launch Yoga DVD or invites whole Bollywood to his Son's Vivan's birthday party. She attracts media towards her. She also gets trap in controversies too. Jedd Guddy did racist comment on Shilpa shetty in show Bigg Brother 5. The he was opposed a lot. Shilpa got all sympathy and Shilpa won the reality show. Then she also got famous on Indian tv. Shilpa was also accused for destroying Raj Kundra's life. When Shilpa fell in love with Raj, he was already married. However, His wife Kavita apologised, then he gave divorce to her and got married to Shilpa. Shilpa Shetty was also accused to spread vulgarity. One court of Madurai issued non bailable warrant for spreading vulgarity. She got a hot photoshoot for a Tamil Magazine. Then Controversy was created on this, but she dismisses all the allegation on her, she cleared that she has not got any hot photoshoot done. In 2003, Shilpa's whole family was in news, when news of their relation with Underworld came, However, parents of Shilpa denied it, they said such news are spread just to destory Shilpa's image. She again came in news, when Hollywood actor Richard Gere kissed Shilpa in a program, that too infront of everybody, then people opposed that how any foreigner can kiss Indian actress like this, then Shilpa said, everything happened so fast that I could not react. Last year there was a news that there is some problem going on between Raj and Shilpa. News is, Raj has not come home from 15 years, he is staying in office only. Then Raj said, there is nothing like that. He keeps on going on. But Shilpa did not say anything about it.