Shashi Kapoor's biography will release on 6th May

Film Jounalist Aseem Chabra has tried to get a book on the Shahi Kapoor's personal and profession life 'Shashi Kapoor -The Householder, The Star'. With this book, you can get to know about those thing, which only his family knew. In his biography, you will be able to read his many face, like how was he as a son, responsibility of a husband, as a father, how he took all the responsibilities for Sanjana. This book of Rupa Publication will tell about his life very beautifully. Honoured with Dada Saheb Phakle Award in 2015 and three time National Award winner Shashi Kapoor stepped in Bollywood in 1951 with the film Awara. Then he got famous from films like Waqt, Deewar, Trishool. Then he showed his talent with some Non-Commercial films like Junoon, Kalyug, Utsav. This Biography will release on 6th May.