Shahrukh Khan's journey of success and unsuccess

Shahrukh and Bollywood are together fron 24 years, Yes, There are very few actor who live in the industry for so long. But King Khan has crossed this after many success and will do it in upcoming years. In 24 years, Shahrukh Khan has given 14 hits, 4 superhit, 5 Blockbuster and 3 All time Blockbuster films. But where there is success, unsuccess is also there, in 24 years, Shahrukh Khan has given 19 flop films. Shahrukh Khan's Fan is 20th flop film. But the film got appreciation from the critics. But there are many Shahrukh Khan's film, who did not ask for the water at the box office. Whose film can easily cross 100 crores, but it happens many time when his film only collects 20 crores, 30 crores.