Shahid Kapoor & Alia Bhatt Upcoming Movie 'Shaandaar'

There has been great change in the looks of Alia Bhatt. Few days back Sophie Chaudhary on the book launch of Alia's fitness trainer Yasmin Karachiwala said there has been a lot of change in Alia in just few months. She is looking really fit in her new movie. She has wore bikini in one scene. She tells in his regard that when she was told few years back that she has to wear bikini so she got tensed. Her body was not like feminine.  She then got introduced to Yasmin. In fluorescent clothes she was wearing ATS (Anti Training System) and was looking like a robot to her.
Yasmin tells that cardio was excluded from the workout of Alia. She is already to slim. She feels that Alia does not know how to move her body. She needs to know how to control body movements. She trained her how to carry herself. There was great change in her in a short time. Yasmin added that initially Alia could not do squat but now she can do it easily. She has done her do a lot to make her body be in shape. Also functional training was being done. When she did not had shoot she had come for gym for 6 days in the week. Now Yasmin has told her to take rest.