Seeing teacher loudly shouted the son of Imran

Indian cricket captain Mohammed Azharuddin, who was making the film, "Azhar" are Emraan Hashmi in the lead role. Imran believes would hurt the spirit of sport activities such as match-fixing. Actor, said, "In terms of any sport such as match-fixing actions are wrong because the game is played with emotion and are seen. When you suddenly find out that everything is already decided, that sportsmanship is lost somewhere. Any fan can move from feelings. He is respected by the players, worship ... it's all fake, it takes about the same. " Being directed by Tony D'Souza 'Azhar' Mohammad Azharuddin's career and personal life are things attached. In addition to the married life of Azhar will be speaking on match-fixing. Imran said about his son Ayon also like to watch cricket. According to his son Imran Azhar is keen to see his father in the role. Imran says, 'My son is desperate to see me as Azhar. When he saw the teaser, "Azhar, Azhar 'shouted. He was only five years old and play cricket like him."