What Sanjay wants to Hide, covered up boundary of his house

Sanjay Dutt has finally started doing the work. During this one weird thing was seen that Sanjay Dutt has covered the Boundary of his Pali Hill house with Green colour plastic sheet. Because of this now people are not able to seen Ground floor and Ground. sanju What is he trying to hide, that he used the cover. If to believe the sources, then Sanjay Dutt is preparing for Sidharth Anand's film. In this action film, he has to do commando style stunts. So he is taking Marshal Art training on the ground. Actually, he don't want anyone to see him while training. If to believe the sources, then film is remake of Sylverster Stallone's Rambo. So that's why there are many action scenes. He is making himself prepared in his home. Source told, recently a journalist took photo of Sanju wearing boxing gloves, then Sanju got angry on him. So that's why he used cover on the boundary.' Training of Sanjay Dutt will go on for 1 month, Film right now is in pre production. Kriti Sanon will be seen opposite in the film.