Kareena is Pregnant, Saif is going to be a father

The Kapoors and the Pataudis could probably be waiting to welcome the youngest member of their families because if to believe the source that Kareena Kapoor and Said Ali Khan are going to be Mother-Father. Both of them went to to London for Relaxation. According to the report, It's Kareena's forth Month is going on. So his husband is taking care of her and making her roam. London trip is the part of it. Recently, here photo came, in which she was seeing buying Fruits and Veggies in London, now in this time it's very important to take care of herself. When Soha Ali Khan was asked his question then she was also seen saving from this question. Well, such good news are going on in Bollywood. After Riteish and Jenelia, Shahid and Meera and now Kareena and Saif are going to be Mommy Daddy. Lets wait for the time when they share this info.