Controversy over Irrfan's Khan's statement, Moulvis asked him to Apologize

Issues has been created after he gave his statement over 'Sacrifice'. Irrfan said people have forgotten the meaning of Sacrifice, buying goat from the market then then cutting it is not the sacrifice. Actor said, Sacrifice is giving your most loved this. On this statement, Moulvis have asked him to apologize to Muslim community. Muslim Religious leaders are criticizing his statement. He even targeted Muslims politicians and said that they stay silent on issue of terror. He asked common man to ask questions to the politicians regarding this matter. Member of All India Muslim Personal Law Board has criticized Irrfan Khan and said that Irrfan is not an Religious leaders and we don't need his suggestion. Secretary of Jamiat Ulema-I-Hind, Maulana Khatri has also commented on his statement, he said, Irrfan should pay his attention on his career and should not give such statement. Irrfan gave this statement in Jaipur during the promotion of his film Madari. Irrfan said that, 'I'm lucky that I live in a country where religion is respected, we should again understand the meaning of our festivals and why it is made.' Irrfan also commented on Salman Khan's raped women controversy, he said, 'Actor is also a human, his tongue also gets slipped and about Censor Board he said that rules should be now changed.