Sanjay Dutt got himself six packs abs in the Jail

For keeping illegal weapon, Sunjay dutt is making Six pack abs on daily routine inside the Yervada jail, pune. He has paid attention on his exercise. He is again in the news as he is getting out of the jail in 25 Feb, 114 day before as his have been forgiven. Sanjay was in jail from 21 May 2013 for serving his punishment for 3 an a half in Yervada jail. He has been given off for 293 days before his term get over in the jail. His punishment was reduced because of his good behaviour. Although, Sanjay Dutt is not habitual of Jail rules. He does yoga daily and meditation too. If we talk about what does Sanjay do in the jail, then he makes paper bag, he get 45 rs daily for this, Sanjay even entertain the prisnors in the jail. Sanjay does Radio Jockey in the jails Community radio.