Salman will increase 15 kilos weight for 'Sultan'

Like Aamir Khan, Salman khan is also gaining weight for his upcoming film 'Sultan'. He has gained seven kilos till now and till 22 November he will be gaining eight kilos. His next film will begin with the Yash Raj banner in which he is playing wrestler. Salman says, "I have to increase the weight that is muscular. It had nothing to do with diet. I am taking protein, chicken and fresh fish. I just need to work hard and concentrate." During training he is doing many types of workouts. He says, "I'm learning tactics and ground fighting. How kick is taken? It's not that we can not do that which professional fighters do, but they have been doing this for several years and they are comfortable with it". I also want spontaneity, that flexibility, strength and agility in me. I practice kick every day three or four time, which I have to stretch kicking 150-200 per day. "Salman work out for four hours a day. Then do his weight training. Do you know Salman has given his trainer (Rakesh) to Aamir Khan Rakesh in Haryana who is shooting a movie as wrestler. Whenever I need help Rakesh helps me but Aamir needed him more."