When Salman Khan requested to be a part of this actor's film

How much Salman Khan is stubborn every one knows and when he decide to do something that means no one can stop him to do the thing. Recently the director of Marathi hit film Lai Bhaari said that Salman Khan was shooting his film Jai Ho in Hyderabad that time and this film's shooting also was happening there. One day Salman Khan came to the sets of Lai Bhaari and he said to producer Retiesh Deshmukh and Director Nishikant Kamath that he don't know but he wants to do this film. Everyone got shocked after hearing this from Salman Khan. Nishikanth said people used to move back and front of Salman Khan for making him part of the film. But this is the first time when he said himself to be a part of this film. For making Salman Khan's request as on head writer wrote Salman Khan's cameo in the film and then Salman Khan become a part of it. Earlier the film was being made in Hindi but after the rejection of Akshay Kumar the film went for Marathi.