Salman Khan to open cinema hall chain Being Filmi to increase theaters

Salman Khan is an actor but he has sung songs and he also has produced the films. Even he also do charity by selling clothes and accessories but now Salman Khan will show you films in theaters and that too in a very cheap way. Actually, Salman Khan's dream to open his own cinema halls is going to happen soon. Salman Khan is going to start a theater chain called Being Filmi which will start from Maharashtra. The news is that in the first stage Salman Khan will open six cinemas in Maharashtra. Salman Khan has the plan to open cinema chain in all over India but it will start from Maharashtra's small cities. The news is that Salman Khan's cinemas will have cheapest tickets than common theaters. Salman Khan gave the indications during the promotions of his film Sultan. According to Salman Khan, there are lots of small cities and villages where the people can't see good movies due to lack of cinema halls there. We can't get to know the potential of Indian films till more than 10 thousand cinema halls does not open in India. The most of the population of India lives in villages, small cities and there are no cinema halls. However, there are lots of people who watch the films on their phones through internet but despite that in many occasion producers used to fight for cinemas. Salman Khan wants to promote that people should watch movies in theaters. You may also like :- MNS denied Salman Khan's meeting with Raj Thackrey Salman Khan refused to work with Fawad Khan