Salim reaction on Arbaaz-Mallika Divorce

We have read many news related to Arbaaz Khan and Mallika Arora Breakup. Few days back there was a news that Mallika refused Salman Khan suggestion and decided to file divorce petition. Now there is a news related to Salim Khan's reaction. When Salim was asked about Arbaaz and Mallika divorce, then he said, 'I am a writer, don't ask me about anyone's love affair or breakup. I never interfere in my children life. I don't to talk about this.' When Mallika mother was asked this then, she said, 'Both are smart and this is there matter. I don't want to interfere. I don't want to talk about it to the press.' There was a news few days back that Salman Khan called Mallika and they both talked on this. Salman suggested Mallika that don't end this 18 years old relation.