Sachin Pilgoankar has played in this sex education film

Sachin Pilgaonkar these day are seen in Y Film Web series 'Sex Chat With Pappu and Papa. This series is getting popular on web series. Talking about this series Sachin said, 'This is very important that Children should be given sex education. Sex Chat with Pappu and Papa tell you about this only.' Situation on Sex education has been changed in few years, but large amout of people in India are uncomfortable about it However, when Sachin was small. He took sex education seriously. He told me everything what was necessary for me. When I turned 13, Then father told me about se education. Me an my father used to talk on this topic.' With this Progressive web series, sex education is been promoted. On other hand, complaints are done against Censor Board. On this Sachin said, 'People have made Censor Board a big thing. In year 1973, my one film came Gupt Gyaan, whole film was on sex education. In that film, many things were shown via animation. That film was also passed by Censor Board very easily. Sachin believes that if this would be film instead of a web series, then it would have faced any. In this program, things will be discussed on Condoms and homosexuality. Producer and director of the program, Ashish Patil says that this program will try to get on these two banned subject. Anand Tiwari, Kabir Sajid, Sanjeeda Shaikh, Alka Amin and veteran Sachin Pilgaonkar are in the program series. You May Also Know : Sex Chat With Pappu and Papa