Saala Khadoos actress Ritika reveals black side of Boxing

R.Madhwan and Ritika Singh are in news for their upcoming film Saala Khadoos. In the film R.Madhwan is playing role of a boxing coach and Ritika is playing role of Boxer. Ritika is boxer trained actress. Recently, Ritika reveal a black truth of Boxing field. Ritika told, in boxing field, women have to face many difficulties. She told, 'When I think for making boxing career in India, then I get depressed. Here politics and exploitation are on the peak. Till what level politics is involved in Boxing, this can be seen in the film. Further Ritika Singh told, 'Here give and take policy is seen very much. Some boxers goes with their coach and do sexual affair with them. Boxer, do this to get extra attention from the coach. After this, the coach only pay attention to take those players forward in their career. If this continuously happens, then good players will never move forward. In this issue I am Lucky, that My coach is my father. Let me tell you, Rajkumar Hirani film Saala Khadoos is releasing on 29 February.