Reports claims that controversial statement of Kangana for Bollywood top actors, Kangana denies

According to the report, Kangana Ranaut made shocking comments about Bollywood actors. The claim was that she said that she has fulfilled all the demands of mostly all the big actors to get offers of the film. Not only this, she claimed that all the actresses of her era have to face this phase. But Kangana has denied all these things. When we contacted the manager of Kangana, then she told that Kangana has not given any such interview and this news is fake. Kangana is worried that from where such things are leaked. Kangana who has pointed her fingers to whole Bollywood, her issues with Hrithik was in news this whole year. But recently it got over. According to the Joint Commissioner of Police of Mumbai Crime Branch, we have not got anything wrong thing from Hrithik's email id, whereas server of email is locating U.S. Well it is difficult to know that who is using that account. So we are closing this case. Kangana claimed that she and Hrithik were in a relationship. Hrithik did many emails to her. So on this Hrithik filed a complaint in Cybercrime that someone is emailing Kangana with his name. In an interview, Kangana was asked that she is out from 'Aashiqui 3' because of Hrithik. Earlier there was news to cast both of them in this film, but it did not happen. fight between Kangana and Hrithik ended now On this Kangana said, 'Yes I have also heard this. I don't know what all Silly Ex Boyfriend do for publicity. For me, that chapter is closed and I don't want to repeat old things.' After this Hrithik tweets and said that instead of this actress, I would love to have affair with Pope. After this, only the issue got started. Hrithik Roshan's reply to Kangana after calling him ex Hrithik sends her a notice over this statement. Hrithik gave 40 evidence against Kangana. Hrithik and Kangana both claims that their accounts were hacked. According to the report, 'Hrithik and Kangana's affair started in 2009 from the film 'Kites'. Both of them were in the bad phase of their career. Let me tell you, there was a news that Hrithik even had affair with actress Barbara Mori (lead actress of Kites). Later it was said as Promotion stunt. Nobody saw the closeness of Hrithik and Kangana that time. You may also like :- Box office collection 2016 Superhit Movies List