Reaction of people over Salman Khan Raped Women controversy

Salman Khan who felt like a raped victim, on that statement protest has been started. Nirbhaya's mother also targeted him. She said, 'If Salman would have met my daughter, then he would have known that how a rape victim is? He will be a nice actor. But with such statement, wrong message will spread in society.' On other hand, NCP's Women wing protested outside Salman Khan's house. Shivsena also asked Salman to apologize. A rape victim of Jaipur has also raised questions on Salman. During the interview, Salman was asked how he went fighting with wrestlers in the arena, on this Salman said, ‘it was difficult for me to fight in the ring, one day we had to shoot for regular 6 hours, this was not easy for me, because I had to dumb a wrestler of 120 kgs in 10 different angles. I was also dumb many times on the ground, During this real fight also got started with a smile. When I came out of the ring, I thought that I’m such women, who is raped. I was not able to walk straight, then I ate something and went for training.’ 31 years rape victim Rashmi (Changed name) said, 'Salman, have you have feel that pain, which has emotional pain more that physical pain? Such pain, which you will regret whole life. She said, 'Crime is done by someone else and we are made criminal, Physical pain that you are talking about is because of profession.' You pain can be reduced by pain killer, but the pain that a rape victim goes through, can not be cure by medicine or prayers. I always feel myself dead in this alive society. I used to believe us as a superhero, but you are not even a human.' Subhash Ghai has supported Salman Khan, he said, 'Salman only gave one example, but translating it like is wrong. He is a kid, but I will tell you one thing that he respects women. Shaina Nana Chudasamaof BJP siad that Salman should apologize, it could have happened because of slip of tongue. Salim Khan also defended Salman, he tweet, 'Undoubtedly what Salman said is wrong, the simili, example and the context. The intention was not wrong. Nevertheless I apologize on behalf of his family his fans & his friends. Forgiveness is to pardon the unpardonable or it is no virtue at all.' Chairman of National Commission for Women, Lalit Kumar Mangalam said, 'Letter has be written to Salman by the commission. In this it is asked that why has he give statement. If Commission is not satisfied with his answer then, they can even issue the notice.