Rangoon is not a biopic : Director Vishal Bhardwaj

The filmmaker Vishal Bhardwaj has denied that his upcoming directorial venture Rangoon is a biopic or it is inspired by real incidents. From last few days, there was the news that Saif Ali Khan, Kangana Ranaut, and Shahid Kapoor starring movie Rangoon is a biopic. The director of the film Vishal Bhardwaj said clearly that it is a wrong rumor. His Rangoon is a triangle love story whose backdrop is 1944 during second world war. Although the world war period is real but the love story is fictional. This is being said that Kangana is playing actress Julia whether Saif Ali Khan is playing filmmaker. Shahid Kapoor is playing Nawab Malik who is a soldier and he falls in love with Julia in a journey of the train. Vishal even has clear that Kangana's character is not based on any actress of that generation like Fearless Nadia, Zebunnisa, Padma or Ramella. You can see this a period drama. How Rangoon era was created Rangoon is already in discussions from its shooting time and recently released trailer of the film is also making a buzz. The bold scenes of Kangana with Shahid and Saif Ali Khan are already in the discussions. Many are saying that Saif Ali Khan will be seen in a good character after a long time as he is playing the lead villain in the film. Rangoon trailer out The film is going to release on 24th February 2017 and this is the first time when the leading star cast has shared screen together in any film. You may also like :- Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection Superhit Movies List Top 10 Highest Grossing Movies 100 Crore Club