Ranbir's Superhero will can be made in two parts like Bahubali

Ayan Mukerji is present of the set set of directive movie set of Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif. Here only he is planning his upcoming super hero movie. He is planning this film for Ranbir Kapoor from long. Karan Johar Production will produce this film. Now source are talking, 'Ayan has narrated both the stories to karan. One is love story and other one is super hero film. This film will be made in two parts. Both Bahubali part are interconnected to each other. Ayan also want to do this film. Issue is Karan Johar has to give the budget of both the film together.' This is been told that Karan liked the idea. Soon it will be decided, which movie will be made first. Ranbir last 4 films were not successful, now he only believes Ayan. According to the source, he was present at director Anurag Basu movie set. Ranbir money is invested on this film, so thats why it is important.