Rakhi Sawant jumped into the condom controversy, said Sunny should be banned

There as been a new controversy with Atul Anjan's comment on Sunny Leone's condom ad. He had said that by doing these ads Sunny is giving a rage to the rape cases. Any now supporting the words of Atul Anjan, Rakhi Sawant has said that Sunny Leone should be banned. On the other hand Shilpa Shetty said that such types of talk are stupidness. Let us tell you that Sunny not only did condom ads but she even promotes several other products. She is even the brand ambassador of several products which you would really even know about. According to Rakhi, Sunny is doing ads just like that. On one hand she is doing condom ads, on the other hands films. This is the reason that the boys of India go out and put their anger on the girls outside. They become hot by watching her movies and also these type of ads and then become impatient. Before this also Rakhi had done a lot of controversies by commenting on several other people. Answering to her Sunny said, she is doing all this without any base. It is not required. It is not good to say all these things. It does not bother me. On the other hand Shilpa Shetty said these are the people who think like this. It is not like that. They are just wasting their energy and time on such useless topics.

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