Rakhi Sawant again accuses Sunny Leone

You can love or hate her, but you cannot ignore her. Yes, we are talking about Bollywood Drama Queen Rakhi Sawant, who is angry on Sunny Leone these days, Rakhi does not leave one single point against Sunny Leone. Sometimes Look, Profession, career, Rakhi has problem with all the things of Sunny Leone. Once Again Rakhi has said something in her own style. According to the report, Rakhi in an interview with RJ Sidharth said that Sunny Leone wears such small cloths then she is like god and when I do it then I get abused from news channels. She has said that we are Indians, how much modern we become, our line of limits are made that don't do this, don't do that. Not only this, she also commented on Sunny Leone's husband and suggested him to change his image and get some good roles for himself. Rakhi has less expectaions about it. Rakhi said, 'She got so many films, videos then also she did pole dance in Delhi. When god has given one chance to improve you image then why to spoil it again. I am not her mother, not judging her but I want to make things clear to Indian girls, because today girls are talking off their cloths like this.