Rahul Bose saw shortage of good stories in Bollywood

Bollywood actor and Director Rahul Bose is known for doing films out of the league. Rahul is coming after long in the field of Director with the film 'Purna'. he things that there is shortage of good of good stories in Bollywood. When asked have Bollywood stories improved, on this he said, 'Today there are not good and new stories. There should be good stories, but it's not even half.' He said, 'I don't wan to Judge any film, which is half good and half worst. You cannot do this. You have to right good. There are less good stories in Bollywood. Good stories are based on books.' Rahul said that as director he can work with anybody. But they have to be committed to work. He said, 'I will work with anybody anytime on any kind of budget, provided the film contains deep emotional thread and has something for viewers to see and walk out feeling better about life and themselves. I don’t care who I work with, but they have to be totally committed to what they do.' Film Poorna is based on true story of a poor girl from Telangana who created history in 2014, by becoming the youngest girl in the world to climb the Mount Everest.