Kangana Ranaut reply to Hrithik Roshan

Kangana told Hrithik as her Ex. Then after Hrithik said, I can be in relationship with Pope, but not with her. Now Kangana has given lesson to Hrithik Roshan. It is about 1 year ago, when Kangana gave intention of her love. That time also she wanted that first all the thing should get confirmed, then will tell everything to public. Then there was a news that Hrithik is that person, whom she loves, however Hrithik denied this. Source said, 'Hrithik was in this relationship, but Kangana wanted to get more sure. They were friends during Kites in 2010. That time Hrithik was going to a bad phase in his life. He used to talk to Kangana on each and every matter. This was the reason they became close friends. Then in 2013, during Krrish 3, they came more close. On the other hand, Suzzane took divorce from Hrithik. After that there were speculation going on that they will take their relation further. But someone close to Hrithik told that they used to meet each other continuously. But once story came out of their breakup and Hrithik denied all the talked regarding that. Source said, they used to fight a lot and they loved doing that. Relationship was on-off mode. But Hrithik never talked openly about it.' When Hrithik was asked about questions related to Aashiqui 3, then he gave his opinion of twitter. On this Kangana said, 'I respect the thinking of other person. This is exactly he way to approach every person. You should stick on your talks. If you don't do this then, then you are opposing you talk. So what you have said, stick on that and more forward.'