‘Qaidi Band’ Featuring Aadar Jain And Anya Singh Released Its Trailer

The marketing strategy of ‘Qaidi Band’ has been pretty interesting so far. Earlier today, two posters of the movie were released which gave us a little glimpse of the story. But now after watching the trailer of the movie we know exactly, what the plot of the movie is all about. The trailer starts with a voiceover, “A majority of prisoners in every Indian Jail are undertrials. Undertrials are the prisoners waiting for a verdict from the court. This story is about such innocent undertrials.” Then it proceeds to the actual trailer, where we see the prisoners and their life in there. Next, we see actor Sachin in a role of an Inspector and in charge of the Jail who announces that on the coming Independence Day an entertainment program will be organised in the jail, and there will be an orchestra party. Then the team of the undertrials in finalised and the selected prisoners see the hope to get out of the jail, and of course, they become popular. But due to some political reasons, their hearing in the court gets cancelled. https://youtu.be/iNsWY4MbQM8 Well, the story looks interesting and new and it will definitely be liked by the youngsters. The new actors Aadar Jain and Anya Singh look good and compelling in their roles. The movie is written and directed by Habib Faisal and will be released on 25th August.
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