Will solve this Murder Mystery with Alok Srivastava's poem

Many big writers books were very successful on the big screens. Poems of famous poet narrates all the genre in different style. Now you will hear poems of Alok Srivastava in thriller Hindi film 'Vodka Diaries'. K.K Menon and Raima Sena re in lead role in the film. This is directed by Kushal Srivastava. . Alok poetry has effected many film stars. Talented singer like Jagjeet Singh, Pankaj Udaas, Amitabh Bachchan has presented Alok's poem in their voice. Without telling anything about the movie, Alok siad, 'This was a great experience for me. Thanks to the director for giving me this chance.' Producer Vishal Karkera believes about this thriller that one murder and his style is shown in international style, one person is added in the film, who only reads the poems. so he tells his film different from others. Story of the film is based on killings in club and it's investigation. Shooting will start in July end and it will be shoot in Manali and Mumbai.