Box office : Udta Punjab collection till now by day

Box Office Collection - Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt starring controversial movie Udta Punjab has hit the screens this Friday on 17th June and the film is going to make some good collection at the box office as it has promoted in controversial way. This film also stars Diljit Dosanjh and Kareena Kapoor in leading roles. The film is basically based on the situation of drugs addiction in Punjab and that's why the film has to faced lots of opposition. Earlier the film went to censor board but the CBFC denied to give certificate to the film and give 83 cuts to the film with A certificate but the makers filed complaint against CBFC for clear cut release of the film in the theaters. Then High Court gave a tremendous and historical verdict by giving film one cut with A certificate. Then on other side the film felt other issues like leak, yes this is true the film got leaked before 2 days of theatrical release. Which surely going to affect the collection of the film. Now if we comes on the film then Shahid Kapoor is playing Tommy Singh a pop star and Alia Bhatt is playing Bihari region hockey player in the film. Kareena Kapoor is playing Dr. Shalini and Diljit Dosanjh is playing ASI Sartaj Singh in the film. Abhishek Chaubey has directed the film under the banner of Anurag Kashyap and Ekta Kapoor.

1st ( First ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
17/6/2016 – Friday ( 1st Day Box Office Collection ) 10.05 Cr
18/6/2016 – Saturday ( 2nd Day Box Office Collection ) 11.25 Cr
19/6/2016 – Sunday ( 3rd Day Box Office Collection ) 12.50 Cr
20/6/2016 – Monday ( 4th Day Box Office Collection )  04.50 Cr
21/6/2016 – Tuesday ( 5th Day Box Office Collection )  04.00 Cr
22/6/2016 – Wednesday ( 6th Day Box Office Collection )  03.40 Cr
23/6/2016 – Thursday ( 7th Day Box Office Collection )  02.80 Cr
Total First Week Collection  48.50 Cr*
Total OVerseas Collection 13.85 Cr

2nd ( Second ) Week Box Office Collection

Day Earning (In Crore rupee)
24/6/2016 – Friday ( 8th Day Box Office Collection )  01.40 Cr
25/6/2016 – Saturday ( 9th Day Box Office Collection )  02.10 Cr
26/6/2016 – Sunday ( 10th Day Box Office Collection )  02.35 Cr
27/6/2016 – Monday ( 11th Day Box Office Collection )  00.80 Lc
28/6/2016 – Tuesday ( 12th Day Box Office Collection )  00.75 Lc
29/6/2016 – Wednesday ( 13th Day Box Office Collection )  00.71 Lc
30/6/2016 – Thursday ( 14th Day Box Office Collection )  00.66 Lc
Total second Week Collection   09.06 Cr
Total Collection  57.56 Cr*