Will play Ghutti character in Live shows : Sunil Grover

Fans are really excited about the return of Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover and his team. Photos of Promo shoot of new show on Sony Tv got viral. The information about the concept of this show is till not officially announced. Sunil Grover said that love by the audience has increased our responsibilities. Sunil says that, 'Seeing such love makes you feel good. This is a great experience. Our responsibility has been increased. We hae done only one shoot for the promo. Photos of the shoot is getting good response. This proves that people are still mad for us and we have to hard work for new show.' He told about Promo shoot, 'We have done amazing shooting for the show, we laughed during promo shoot. We were not able to recognise each other because we were seeing each other as their character and our attaire was also not normal. We wore stylish cloths .' When asked about Comedy Nights live, Sunil said, 'They are doing their work and I cannot comment on it because I have not seen it, these days I am travelling a lot. Busy with my Punjabi movie. Also working in Baaghi. So I got no time to see the show. I am playing attention on my work and show. I want to get smiling faces on my fans.'