White Beard, Huge Face, No Entry for Fardeen Khan in Bollywood

Fardeen Khan's last film came 6 years ago. now it seems like Fardeen Khan has stopped taking care of himself. Recently, Fardeen khan was seen on Airport, he was seen very different. We have always seen him fit. There was time when Fardeen was favorite hero of girls, but seeing his look, his female friends will be upset. Fardeen has gained his weight and his face has become huge and beard is also seen white. fardeen 1 Fardeen had flown to Lucknow to visit industrialist Subrata Roy Sahara at the 'Terahvi' of his mother Chhabi Roy. Fardeen Khan was seen with her sister Laila Khan and Subrata Roy in a photo. fardeen News is Fardeen is planning to launch his production house. Fardeen married his childhood friend Natasha Madhwani and his father of 3 years daughter.