Shahrukh Khan And Brad Pitt Join To Promote Netflix's 'War Machine'

Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt and Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan were seen together in Mumbai yesterday at the premiere of Netflix's 'War Machine'. The superstars together talked about everything from their career, which started at the same time, to the impact of Netflix on film business today. The interaction was organized to promote Brad Pitt’s next Netflix film ‘war Machine’, which will stream from coming Friday. The session began with the clip of ‘War Machine’ followed by Shah Rukh Khan’s 2015 film ‘Dilwale’. They talked about their career which started around the same time. Where Brad started his career in 1991 with movie ‘Thelma and Louise’, SRK made his debut with 1992 ‘Deewana’. The had a lot of fun with CNN-IBN’s film critic Rajiv Masand, who was the host of the evening. Brad stated that India is one of his favorite places to visit, “every time I come here, I get love,” he said. On Netflix, he said, “Netflix has made it easy to make films, we get more films today from interesting filmmakers.” He also added that he grew up watching 60s and 70s films, which were way different than the movies made today. Shahrukh, on the other hand, said, “Netflix is giving good opportunities to the filmmakers. In Indian, every household has a singer, but I think every household also has a filmmaker too.” He also revealed that when he started his career 25 years ago, he also wanted to make films. You may also like:- Shahrukh Khan Upcoming Movies Bollywood Movies 2017 Upcoming movies List Box office collection