'Waiting' - Movie Review - Naseeruddin Shah, Kalki Koechlin

Name of the Film Waiting
Critics Rating 3.5 stars
Director Anu Menon
Star cast Naseeruddin Shah, Kalki Koechlin
Genre Social Drama
Duration 1 Hours 38 minutes
Date Released 27 May 2016
Who loves Waiting? While waiting, 1 hours seems like a 10 years. Director Anu Menon film also has waiting. But different, This waiting is in the hospital, someone is in ICU, between life and Death. This waiting has strange darkness and even hope. Story of waiting is in the hospital, where Professor Shiv Natraj (Naseeruddin Shah) wife is in coma since 8 months. Profrssor believes that operation will get this wife to him, but Doctor (Rajat Kapoor) has some other view. In the same hospital, Tara (Kalki Koechlin) husband is here after a car accident, who is in Coma. If Golf ball is taken out from his head, then he could survive. Yes can happen. But will he be able to move his hand and legs, will he able to play tennis.? If this did not happen then will he be able to accept his Paralytic life.? This is Tara's doubt. Both the lead of the film are standing on the opposite side with the life of their partner.. What will happen ? Anu has shown the doubts of Tara and Shiv beautiful. How they become support for each other. They both are waiting for the decision, in an hospital's waiting room. In all serious matter of Doctor, next 48 hours is important. Using such phrase, Insurance companies with regard to doctors, patients, their professional approach to the remarks. You also see how people in the busy life in the last minute are so isolated. Both are financially very strong. Waiting is so bad in the hospital, thinking of Hope and even doubt of death, only those can understand, whose has gone thought it. Naseer and kalki are amazing character, They both have made the film worth watch. Director in the last has opened everything. Audience who loves film other than Masala, then this waiting will not bore you.