Vishal Bhardwaj filed FIR for using Shahid Kapoor and his name for casting couch!

Vishal Bhardwaj is making a film on a very bold subject after Rangoon in which Shahid Kapoor will play leading role. Whether a young actress is in a search that can give bold and intimate scenes on silver screen. The age should be 18 to 28 years old. Like sending this kind of messages the aspiring actress was being framed. After getting know about it Vishal Bhardwaj has filed a complaint to Police station. According to a report, Vishal got to know through his friend that someone is using his name for asking pictures from aspiring actresses. Man Kapoor named this person even give his WhatsApp number on which the pictures used to send. After knowing about the film a 16 years old aspiring actress called the number and talked about it so she got to know that the girl has to give some kissing and intimate scenes during the audition. On this aspiring actress's mother got conscious so for back out she said that her daughter will be too young for casting opposite Shahid Kapoor so the imposter said the story is like that. Shahid will fall in love with a young girl and there will be some bold scenes between them. After that, the actress's mother made an excuse to talk later. When she made enquiry for the film then she got to know that Vishal is not making any kind of film right now. After that, Vishal filed a complaint about it in Amboli police station. This incident has shocked Vishal Bhardwaj. You may also like :- Saif Ali Khan to play handicap in Rangoon Know when Shahid Kapoor's Rangoon is releasing