Vikram Bhatt is coming with fifth franchise film 1921

Vikram Bhatt is now going to bring film as a producer and till now films which he has made are collaborating films and he has co produced the films. Now this is going to be his movie only and this will be his fifth franchise film earlier he has given franchise like Raaz, 1920, Haunted and Hate story. He will make 1921 in his production house. Vikram said, from a long time I made film for other producers and directors but 1921 will be only my movie in every aspect. He has made 32 films in his last 24 years of career. 1921 will be more haunted and it will also have emotional factor. This film will be based on university town and it will have music and students based aspects. Zareen Khan has been signed for the film because her last film Hate Story 3 was a great hit. Film will be shot in Vietnam and Yorkshoker other than this Italy and Scotland also are the part of shooting locations. On asking how he got production house name Lonerenger productions on this he said the credit goes to Mahesh Bhatt. He says four years ago when we were working on Raaz 3, Mahesh Bhatt gave me a picture in which I was flying in sand and he said that he is like lone ranger who himself do everything. In this Vikram took Lone Ranger as his production house name.