Vivek Oberoi changed his Name before entering Bollywood

Vivek Oberoi is in industry for a long time. He has worked in many great movies, but do you know his full name. Actually, Vivek Obiroi is not his full name. His whole name is Vivek Anand Oberoi. But before entering Bollywood, he removed dropped Anand from his name. There are many actors, who changed their name before coming to the industry. The biggest example is Dilip Kumar, whose real name is Yusuf Khan. Recently Vivek Oberoi told that that before entering in the industry he changed his name. Vivek Oberoi told, 'Actually my whole name is Vivek Anand Oberoi. My this name was kept because my father and Grandfather was a follower of Swami Vivekanand. So that's why my name was kept Vivek Anand Oberoi.' Vivek said on Saturday during an event related to the Swachh Bharat campaign, 'When I joined movies in 2002, I felt kind of embarrassed. I’m going to be there, romancing heroines on screen and dancing around trees. How can I carry a name like Vivek Anand? So I dropped the Anand and just kept Vivek Oberoi out of respect for Swami Vivekananda.' Now Vivek has started using Anand in his name, on the twiiter also he has joined Anand with his name.