Vidya Balan Reduces her fees to 2 Millions

After 'Kahani' in 2012, Sujoy Ghosh and Vidya Balan Decided to make film together. But conflicts were created between them in a year. For 'Kahani', Vidya took 1 crores, but after the success of Kahani and Dirty Picture, Vidya balan asked for 5 crores for a film from Sujoy Dutta. For there itself conflict started. Sujoy planned to do films with other actress, but did not work out. During this he got busy in South projects and short films. He making one more film with Vidya. News is this that, the film because of which they created issues between them,that film will also be made. After Kahani, Vidya took lots of fees for other films she did after that. But these film did not do well at the box office. Film had no films from very long. According to the source, 'Vidya has reduced her fees, She is ready to work in 2 crores instead of 5 crores now. She has asked for contributions in profit. If there will Profit, then Vidya will get 25% of it. Sujoy fees has also been deducted to 2 crores, before he used to take 3-3.5 crores and he will also get 25% from the profit. This film is directed by Jayanti Lal Gada. Shooting is expected to start in May. Will release in December. Budget of the film is 18 crores and in print promotion will take 10 crores. Total is 28 Crores.