Tannishtha left the show after racial comment was done on her

Actress Tannishtha Chatterjee who played an important role in Film 'Parched', she is known to everyone because of her acting skills, But in a comedy show, her black face fun was made, so she had to leave the show in middle. Tannishtha last week, went to promote her film 'Parched' in the show Comedy Nights Bachao, the format of this show, is that the guest in the show is roasted, But face racial comment was done on Tannishtha. The fun of Tannishtha dull colour face was made and she was said as 'Kala Kaluti'. She was asked, that is she eating Blackberry since childhood, that her colour is so dark. Tannishtha was shocked hearing this. Tannishtha kept her views on this thing and said, 'I have said that this show is of roast. I think such shows have forgotten the meaning of Roast and have given their new definition. Roast means to celebrate anybody's life and to joke with him or her. But you cannot make fun of anyone's colour.' After the first segment Tannishtha though that jokes will come out of her colour and come to her films, performance and personal life, but in next segment also comments like 'Kali Kaluti Baigam Luti' were on, then Tannishtha said to her staff that she wants to leave the show.' Tannishtha says, 'In what mentality we are living that we are making fun of other's colour, caste or over the figure of your body. What is Funny this-this? Are such jokes funny? If people are thinking that I came out of the show for the gossip, then they are wrong, This is a big matter.' Tannishtha told the organisers of the show that she don't her part to air on the show. However, the channel offered her to remove the objectionable part, but Tannishtha did not accept this. When Tannishtha was ready to go, then organisers said to her, please shoot the exit. She said, 'You are in 2016 India and today even people talk about colour and make fun of others, this is punishable. This is not only about the show. This is a big issue and people have to talk about it. If the show is hit, then its organisers responsibility that what type of content to present in front of the audience. Well Racist comment was done in show 'Comedy Nights Bachchao' on Lisa Haydon, during that Akshay Kumar controlled the situation. You may also know : Parched Trailer Upcoming movies List