Bangistan Movie 2015 - Ritesh Deshmukh, Pulkit Samrat

Director Karan Anshuman are very happy with the moment with the audience response going to knock upcoming Bollywood movie 'Bangistan'. Ritesh Deshmukh and Pulkit Samrat are lead roles in the movie. Riteish and Pulkit play role in the film blithe're terrorists. These two terrorists are on a mission to change the world. The film on the issue last week there were also some controversy. There was news that Pakistan has imposed ban on the release of the movie because it is believed to be anti-Muslim. Pulkit Samrat say their roles in the film, "It is the story of two young people who come from a portion of Bangistan. which role Ritesh're playing comes from the northern Bangistan. He is Muslim. My role Pravin Chaturvedi who comes from the southern Bangistan. when ask for film Controversy about the pulkit samrat said to them on the tails of the film with the intention was never any doubt she is absolutely fine. He never felt like we're doing something wrong. When a film, so many religions will come together on the set. Whenever we do something, so people are definitely some reaction. He also feels that such a serious issue, quipped to a film dealt with the idea of ​​a wise idea to get those films which are attached to religious beliefs. Pulkit said: 'This film is an action thriller, this could be because there is a lot of scope. In the film, two Suicide bombers. But the way the film was made and the kind of satire is funny received treatment, she is fantastic. Humor Writing is the hardest thing'. 'Bangistan' will be released on August 7.