Varun Dhawan wants to make 'Dar and Baazigar' again

Varun Dhawan again wants to make the remake Shahrukh Khan's super movie 'Dar' and 'Baazigar'. Varun Dhawan was a co-producer of Karan Johar's film 'My Name Is Khan' and now he will be seen in 'Dilwale' with Shahrukh Khan. When he was asked that which movie he would like you remake of Shahrukh Khan's, then 28 years actor said, " There are two films Dar and Baazigar, I would like to make it, maybe I make it afterwords, I don't know will it be make or not. He said, "This happens always with me, whenever I do lots of happy ending films, do work in which I am happy, My mood slighty change : Bazigaar and Dar are pointing to th sprit of revenge : The sprit is turned. Dilwale is releasing on 18th December.