Deepika always goes to Sidhivinayak before her any movie is released

Finally Imtiaz Ali's starring Deepika Padukone Tamasha got released in the theatres today. But before the release she went to prey in SidhiVinayak Temple. This is the third film with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. Because of this only , the movie is very special. Although Deepika goes to this temple whenever her any film is about to release. This time her mother Ujjalla Padukone was also with her. Her fans surrounded the area just to see her. She also did not disappoint her fans, she while leaving the temple wave her fans. This movie is special of Ranbir Kapoor too and he is expecting success from this film. Actually his last three films were big flops. Deepika must have asked to god for Ranbir Kapoor too.